Kerry Read

Kerry Read qualified as a physiotherapist from King’s College Hospital, London in 1978.

She developed an interest in head and neck physiotherapy whilst working in neurological rehabilitation at King’s College, The Maudsley and The Medway Hospitals. Completing a Diploma in PNF to the Head and Neck, from The National College of Speech Sciences in London revealed a whole new world of working with the oro-facial muscle system. It became apparent that techniques being used so successfully with victims of stroke and acquired brain injury, could also have benefits for the large group of people suffering from headaches, and jaw pain. Physiotherapy options for these patients were very limited during the early eighties, so Kerry set about adapting techniques from other areas of physiotherapy and studying extensively within the dental field.

She is indebted to Jeffrey Mannheimer PT and Richard Perthes DDS from the School of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, for their early work in the integration of physiotherapy and dentistry. She has had the privilege of working with Dr Harold Gelb DDS, Dr Al Fonder DDS, Mr John Mew BDS and Dr John Char DDS, as they took a wider view of dentistry, which extended beyond teeth. Her physiotherapy approach has been greatly influenced by Mariano Rocobado, Bertha Bobath, Professor Vladimir Janda, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, Francine St George, David Butler and so many others who have generously shared their knowledge over the years. Her studies in cranio-sacral therapy began in Hawaii in 1990 with the Upledger institute, and have continued in Australia, under the Jones Institute. 

Kerry draws on her wide experience to deliver innovative, individualised treatment plans, often for complex TMJ problems. Kerry is herself a keen singer so also enjoys the challenge of working with patients on their voice issues. She has studied advanced vocal unloading with Annie Strauch in Melbourne to offer help with musculoskeletal issues affecting the voice.

She has previously written for UK Dental Practice magazine, and her articles on ‘Mouth Matters - Oro-facial considerations in congenital hypotonia’ have been translated and reprinted in Down Syndrome Association publications across the world. She has lectured extensively in Australia and in the UK to dentists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, disability services intervention teams, lactation consultants, and post graduate students at the Queensland Dental School. She has been in Private Practice in Australia since 1988. She delivers post graduate courses in the management of Craniomandibular Disorders.

Our understanding of pain mechanisms and the pivotal role of the brain, has been at the forefront of medical and popular culture in recent times. Kerry is devoted to applying this evolving knowledge within the area of the head and neck. Currently she is researching and delivering innovative programs for chronic facial pain which are showing incredible results. These are certainly keeping Headline Physiotherapy at the cutting edge of available therapies making it a very exciting and rewarding place to work, as well as a haven for those seeking solutions to their head, neck and jaw problems.